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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

As of the writing of this article at 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on November 4, 2020, no official determination has been made concerning who will be the President of the United States of America on January 20, 2021. This is not a first in modern American history, but instead is a sign of the times. As has been the case for decades, there is no absolute certainty and confidence concerning the legitimacy of votes cast by the American People, nor the counting of the ballots. This is the problem.

What exactly needs to happen to fix it? We first have to recognize the fact there are those who have benefitted from an election system with ambiguous and questionable security and reliability. The "legacy media" continues to exert their full efforts in the false narrative widespread voter fraud does not exist. It's not a conspiracy theory though. There is enough evidence to classify it as a conspiracy at this point.

Everyone in this country, across the political and all other lines of division, need to agree to these two absolute facts; 1. Confidence in our system of government can only occur if there is confidence in our elections, and 2. Confidence in our elections can only occur if there is a means to 100% verify the citizenship/right-to-vote and age (over 18) of all voters! Without agreeing to these two critical facts, we are heading toward a meltdown.

Over the last few months I have been thinking about this issue and came up with an idea I think could solve the problem. What I would call a National Citizenship Registry (NCR), and subsequently the production of a National VoterID from this registry, would solve the problem and restore confidence in our election system. Support for such as system seems would be universal except by those who benefit from the votes of non-citizens or those who wear tin foil on their heads. Anyone else who believes in fair elections must be in support of ensuring it is fair. To not be in support of at least investigating the notion of setting up a multi-partisan registry at the federal level to ensure fair elections and its viability, must absolutely bring into question the loyalty and integrity of those in opposition. Nothing else has been done to ensure a valid and secure election.

There are clearly hurdles which must be overcome for such a registry to be created, secured, and utilized for the purposes of validating and securing our elections. But nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important to this country and our future than our vote. It is the only way we can truly believe the government we have had for 244-years is legitimate and follows our Constitution. Everything else is secondary to the American People being in control of our government and the election process.

The voter registration system and access to polls have been the two major issues most discussed in modern times. With an NCR in place, there would no longer need to be a registration process to vote at a state or local level. Every living American Citizen over 18 would already be registered to vote and would simply have to confirm their identity with a VoterID tied to the NCR. As their vote is cast, their record in the NCR would be updated accordingly.

One argument against a form of national identification I have heard in the recent past was there are American citizens who would have a difficult time proving they are citizens. They do not have a copy of their birth certificate or whatever. This to me seems like an easy fix for those who are actually citizens. We are all required to file federal tax returns. All citizens and even non-citizens who have any financial dealings in the United States are required to file a federal tax return. This is not an issue which is impossible to solve. Which brings me to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the role they would necessarily play in creating this proposed database.

The IRS has probably the largest database of American citizens, residents, and anyone else who is required to pay taxes or file a return to the U.S. Federal Government. So, their verification of citizenship would be a first step to adding names to the NCR. With access at the federal level of their records, the database could have 300million+ names on it of verified citizens almost immediately! Just as the IRS database is secured and access-limited, so would be an NCR.

There are two other sources of names to be added to the NCR I can think of immediately. One would be the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) who would submit updates to the NCR every time a new citizen takes the oath of citizenship and is welcomed as an American Citizen. The other would be all hospitals and others who by law must verify and confirm a live birth of an American Citizen worldwide. Both of these services and validations occur independently already every day.

The list of current problems and points-of-contention with our current system is long and could mostly be corrected or eliminated by an NCR. The Electoral College would still play its vital role in Presidential Elections because each Citizen would still be a registered voter from a specific city, county (parish), and state. As far as I know, this is the first time such a database has been mentioned and I am very eager to build momentum for its creation.

Regardless of the outcome of the U.S. Presidential Election 2020, it is critical to the future of the United States a National Citizenship Registry be created and maintained. It is the only way to ensure the legitimacy of the vote. And securing the vote is the only way to continue moving forward with confidence in our electoral process and our nation.

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