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Updated: Nov 2, 2020

In only five days, the American People will decide who will be our next President. Most would agree this election could very easily be the most important election in this country since the election of President Abraham Lincoln in 1860. The Nation was then as it is now, violently divided on many issues. Very serious issues confront the nation with angry, entrenched, and self-righteous armed groups on all sides. Make no mistake, we are absolutely at a crossroads of history and must decide the direction the nation will take in terms of its foundational ideology and future through the 2020 Presidential Election.

It is not simply a Liberal or Conservative viewpoint which separates us anymore. This had been the case for much of the past few decades and a workable system. Both a true American liberal or conservative viewpoint at its foundation has a strong patriotic sense of the nation and our constitution. While differing on many of the ways and means by which to ensure both stay strong, both generally support free markets, free trade, limited government, individual human and civil rights, capitalism, democracy, and all the freedoms guaranteed under our Constitution for all citizens.

Then things took a crazy turn beginning in the 1990s in my estimation with political correctness and hypersensitivity became fashionable. Talkshow host Bill Maher's show Politically Incorrect (1993-2002) satirically poked fun at the phenomena. In this crazy year 2020 the liberal viewpoint has been hijacked by extremist and Leftist groups which both traditional Liberals and Conservatives see as a threat to our nation for good reason.

The conservative viewpoint has been hijacked by extremists as well, with racial, anti-government, and anarchist views despised by all. Often confused with true conservative patriots who believe deeply in our Constitution and rule of law, rightwing fringe groups preach an anti-government and anti-law enforcement trope. They are an equal threat to the future of the country in my estimation.

The same as in 1860, the divide among us in 2020 is a serious and deep fissure which may only be filled with the blood and bodies of a resulting armed conflict. Lord willing it will not come to war to decide what will be our future or in what direction we go as a nation. But many experts agree, the divide we now see is one of a foundational nature and logic and reason have become impossible to use as tools toward an acceptable solution when confronting either of these extremist elements.

It would be more accurate to characterize the divide we face today as a Leftist versus Patriot divide. The extremist Leftists have clearly stated they consider America an evil country from its initial founding, seek to overturn our Constitution and capitalism, institute (Democratic) Socialism based on Marxist ideology, convince the rest of the nation and the world we have racism at the core of our entire society (systemic), and the rich must pay WAY more than their "fair share" in order to right the economic gap between rich and poor. Anyone who does not agree with them is attacked through the use of doxing as well as physical threats and assault.

They also control most of the mainstream media, as seen by the analyses done on the political biases in media. Marxist groups like the Black Lives Matter Global Network seize on this tool to make their often hidden goals more palatable to the uninformed. So mixed in with the cause of racial equality and police brutality their true goals are made inseparable and indistinguishable.

The alt-right extremists on the other hand which may also be growing in number, are equally hated by conservatives and liberals as anti-American groups. Even though they are often considered a "major threat" to democracy and the nation by most liberal media, they do not have the widespread support enjoyed by the Leftist groups. The vast majority of Americans see their ideology as pure hatred and relegate them to the sidelines. They to me are weak groups maligned by most people.

Patriots on the other hand, believe in our nation and our Constitution foundationally. They believe in the will of the people to make changes through law and peaceful protest. They believe in our foundational Constitutional Republic which affords everyone rights and a means to change our system from within its framework. They believe America from its foundation has been the greatest country in the world and unified in the belief we can right our wrongs together, which we have done consistently over the decades. They support law and order and our police and our military, as necessary in a free society.

So, in essence the struggle will not be a struggle of political parties, but a struggle to hold onto the nation we have built together, over the last 244 years. The Presidential Election of 2020 is not our typical election between Democrats who are considered more liberal and Republicans who are considered more conservative. This election is about maintaining and protecting the nation and our way of life which we have all fought for, and many have given their lives to protect. Foundationally again, those who support President Donald Trump consider him the best choice to fight for what we have built.

It is fair to say at the extremes there are those who love him and there are those who hate him. Those who love him consider him the only salvation for our country and say he has rebuilt our country in many ways and will continue to do so if elected for 4 more years. Their minds are made up. Those who hate him consider him a liar, racist, and fascist who has caused us to be hated by the rest of the world and has torn the country apart in many ways and the only way to fix it is to vote for Joe Biden. But, can both be right or both wrong?

In my estimation, the key issues at the heart of the divide should determine our choice. But many do not see it this way and will choose to vote by emotion or their estimation of who really supports our nation and Constitution. So, Left or Right, Liberal or Conservative, Democrat or Republican will still be a huge factor in 2020. But, a pure hatred of Donald Trump seems to be more of a factor. Granted, it is possible one may align more center on an issue or even align to one side or the other depending on the individual issue. But, ultimately in the Presidential Election of 2020, to make an informed decision, one must decide which candidate is the better choice to further or protect those issues one considers most important.

Those deeply entrenched on one side or the other on all issues have had their vote decided long ago. Those who are entrenched on a side and unwilling to even consider an alternative viewpoint, or have a respectful discussion, I call Wingnuts and there is no way to reach them. But, what about the rest of us? It is my hope the 80% of the nation who consider themselves Patriots much more than Leftists, would choose to continue to let President Trump lead us. To choose Joe Biden could very easily be argued as a vote to continue the increasingly Leftist and Socialist road we are on.

For those of us who will be prepared on November 4th, 2020 to accept either outcome of the election, and move forward in a way which will bring the country together, there is hope. For those who consider a negative outcome for them to be unacceptable and will do everything possible to prevent the elected President from moving our country forward, will be a contributor to the division. This division if exacerbated by the election results and violent, could most assuredly lead to at the very least a drastic increase in armed conflict between the opposing groups previously mentioned. i.e. Civil War on a limited scale.

It's not being ignorant or an alarmist to see how the growing division we are currently facing, the extremist and violent tendencies of both sides, and a willingness to kill for what one thinks is "saving the Nation," could lead to a Civil War of some sort. All one has to do is listen to the extremists on either side, understand history, and look at all of the foreign historic examples. They are absolutely convinced their point-of-view is just, and they are willing to kill to defend it. Fanatical beliefs for a cause and a target seen as the enemy, is all one needs to have a war. Pray if you are so inclined.

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