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COVID19 and the “Vaccines”

As we enter the 2nd year of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19) fight in the USA, as a nation we are a divided people concerning what are the facts, and how best to end this blight. The pandemic has pitted families and friends against one another as we are all slaves to media and our own egos concerning COVID and the vaccines. Each side of the issue is convinced it has all “the facts” and “the science” is on their side. Sadly, both are wrong in some way, and we are all simply pawns in one of the biggest frauds every perpetrated on the world.

One of the saddest realities of this pandemic is the damage it has done to lifelong friendships and family relations. Often ending these lifelong relationships as it has become a politically and highly emotionally charged issue taken too seriously and allowed to be a bone of contention among us. Of course, it has also cost many lives and potentially severely and permanently damaged the nation’s and world’s economies.

Has our reaction to COVID been worth it? Could we even now still do the right thing to come out of this historic time intact? Or has it gone too far to recover our world and our sanity?

As with so many of the issues which divide us as a nation, the issue of COVID19 has heavily and deeply entrenched groups on each highly-polarized side. From one extreme to the other, we all seem to see our point of view as absolute, just, and “backed by the science.” But, both extremes cannot be right and there really is no gray area.

But, what does it all really mean? What science can we trust when new data becomes available every day which typically negates what was available the day before? And importantly, what source of information is untainted by a political slant which has inundated all of the mainstream media and social media?

Those on one extreme have been influenced to see the pandemic as a major threat to the world and life as we know it. For them, no action is too extreme to “save the world from COVID.” They are unapologetic about setting aside the personal choice of citizens concerning their bodies, for the needs of society. They follow the guidelines of the CDC religiously as well as city, state, and federal government rules, regulations, and mandates. Many even believe force should be used if necessary to ensure all people are vaccinated immediately.

Toward this end, more and more restrictions have been placed on those who refuse to be vaccinated. Loss of jobs and freedom of movement have been some of the most damaging results of the imposed mandates. Even those with legitimate reasons not to be vaccinated have been restricted and punished for exercising their choice. The U.S. Constitution doesn’t even seem to be enough to protect many who have suffered under these mandates. These people are being placed into a discriminated and restricted category more and more every day, while vaccinated are not.

In just one of the many examples of restrictions placed on American citizens occurred recently as Boston announces “Be Together” vaccine requirements. A very ironic name for a program which restricts the unvaccinated and puts them in a separate category apart from the vaccinated.

The push to insist everyone is vaccinated seems strange when it has now been proven, the viral load of both vaccinated and unvaccinated who test positive for COVID19 is the same. No evidence or study to date has proven the vaccine lessons risk of contracting and/or spreading the virus.

Using a phrase like “breakthrough cases” was an attempt to make it seem as if it is an anomaly when those vaccinated continue to spread the virus just as much as the unvaccinated. But, the mounting evidence is clear vaccinated are just as likely to spread the virus. Just one more way of supporting the vaccine mandates, but is NOT “backed by science.”

The Science has shown, due to the viral load, the fully-vaccinated are just as likely to spread the virus to others, even to other fully-vaccinated.

So, those in support of vaccination-for-all have steadily had to scale back their claims from;

1. Being fully-vaccinated totally ends COVID… to…

2. Being fully-vaccinated makes one 95% less likely to contract it and less contagious… to…

3. Being fully-vaccinated decreases the risk of severe symptoms.

Rachel Maddow on CNBC initially claimed the vaccinated cannot spread COVID, which has been proven to be totally false.

So, at this point, all that can be gleaned from the contradictory data available from a variety of sources and studies is, the various mRNA vaccines may prevent what might have otherwise been a more severe case of COVID. This contention cannot in any way be proven of course. In order to “prove” this hypothesis, one would need to have the same individual experience the same strain of COVID19 before and then again after vaccination and compare the severity of the symptoms experienced. Can’t be done.

Also, the CDC says boosters are needed for those vaccinated because they do not know if they are effective 2-6 months after first vaccination and every variant will need a new booster. Maybe as often as every 2-months!

Natural immunity has been basically ignored as the focus has blindly been on vaccination. Although it has been shown to be effective for at least 90-days according to the CDC, and maybe permanent. But they do not know for how much longer after the 90-days at this point.

Many of the unvaccinated are hesitant due to a growing trove of evidence the vaccine is not safe. Not to mention the barrage of pressure, motivated by politics, to be vaccinated. Those who are hesitant to get vaccinated have been called, “flat-earthers”, “science-deniers”, “Trump-supporters”, and a myriad of other slants to categorize them as ignorant. Even though there are many reasons to doubt the vaccines.

Incidents of myocarditis in otherwise healthy teens and young adults (16-29) has been reported in 54 cases. That is 2.13 per 100,000 vaccinated.

The COVID vaccines are not actually even a “vaccine” but are instead the first mRNA treatment to receive full FDA approval in the U.S. and with very little human trials. The Stage 3 trials is however the largest in history. All of those currently vaccinated are the trial!

For the first time in history as well, pharmaceutical manufacturers have been given immunity from lawsuits in case of adverse reactions and deaths due to the vaccines.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is delaying sharing data used to approve COVID vaccines for 55 years, citing it is a huge undertaking to respond to all the requests!

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention ending COVID Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing saying they are flawed and cannot distinguish between COVID and Influenza. So, flu numbers have been added to COVID numbers from the beginning. Just one of the factors which make the reported numbers of infections and deaths unreliable.

Actual number of cases 10X greater than reported. Therefore, fatality rate from just this would be 10X less!

Child “COVID” hospitalization numbers have been skewed by counting ALL child hospitalizations as COVID if the child is positive, regardless of the reason for being in the hospital. Any COVID positive child, even asymptomatic, who goes to the hospital for something like a broken leg is counted as a child COVID hospital visit!

In terms of tracking infections and deaths. There is a 98.5% survivability rate using the CDC’s own ‘official’ numbers. There is a 1.53% overall chance of death, using these likely inaccurate numbers, not including the possibility of 10X more asymptomatic cases unreported.

At the highest point of the pandemic, deaths per 100,000 for 50-64 was 5.14, or a 0.00514% chance of death. So approximately 1 in 20,000 chance of death. Much less for those younger with no comorbidities!

In essence, the “conspiracy theorists” may end up being proven correct when this all comes to light. In the meantime, those who do not accept a mandated vaccine will be the torch bearers for truth. If they are proven correct, they will be heroes. If they are proven wrong, they will simply be wrong.

Wuhan and the coverup.

Unreported adverse side effects of vaccines.

A 46-page criminal complaint has been filed with the International Criminal Court alleging crimes against humanity by Pfizer and others for the COVID vaccine. This joint filing even includes the inventor of mRNA technology!

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