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COVID-19 - August 2021

The world first learned of the deadly virus now commonly called COVID or COVID-19 on 31 Dec 2019 when reports began to surface from Wuhan China. As the number of cases began to grow and the virus spread unchecked throughout the world, the term pandemic began to be applied and nations began to take measures to stop its spread and mitigate the number of cases and deaths. It has now taken the lives of an estimated 4.3 million people worldwide and 617K in the US alone as of this writing.

An article published on 6 Feb 2021 by NPR pointing to a mathematical model created by Columbia University which shows the number of actual cases may be as much as 10X greater than the reported numbers. The gist of the article being, we are not taking it seriously enough because the number of cases may be much greater than we think. But, doesn't this also need to be factored into the accepted lethality of the virus? i.e. number of deaths/number of cases

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