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Convoy for Freedom

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Many have now probably heard of the trucker convoys crossing the USA from all corners of the nation on their way to Washington DC. Sadly, we live in a time when our mainstream media no longer even tries to hide their intent to manipulate and hide the truth through complete fabrication and lies. So, to see what is actually going on with this amazing cause, you must go to alternate sources.

Rolling Stone reported the People's Convoy left Adelanto California with only 1 truck! The truck in their photo was two trucks ahead of us as we left Adelanto and one of about 40 trucks in the initial convoy. We also had about 50 other vehicles with us. Just pure intentional disinformation. Makes one wonder why doesn't it?

However, what seems to be a growing and powerful force for truth in journalism are independent bloggers, content creators, and individuals on-the-ground to report the unaltered truth. As I embedded with the People's Convoy with truck driver Jeff Sandberg from Burkburnett Texas, I was amazed at all of the other independent journalists, tagging along to ensure the truth would be shared with millions. Our hope is to convince more and more Americans to seek truth for themselves.

Motivated by the amazing and fearless actions of Canadian truckers, thousands have now joined trucker convoys and begun the trek to Washington DC, gathering support along the way from tens of thousands of flag-waving patriots across the country. It is no surprise in 2022, a movement of millions with the goal of reigning in the overreach of the federal government has barely been covered by the mainstream media.

If you care to know what this movement is about, read the statement from which clearly outlines the ONLY goals and focus of this convoy. Each of the dozens of convoys have slightly different goals, as they all move toward Washington DC to voice them in peace and unity. But, the foundation of the movement in general is to reign in the over-reaching power of the federal government, which is long overdue.

It is also of no surprise the movement has been labeled as a “right-wing,” Republican, or even racist movement. Some of the lazy terms used by the Mainstream Media (MSM) to continue the manipulation of Americans and the world. Anything which questions our government and its overreaching authority, become the target of the MSM and those who control it.

Having met most of those involved with this movement, I can attest to this being a purely patriotic movement. Anyone associated with the People's Convoy were asked to keep their individual political opinions to themselves and focus on the goals of the movement, freedom, and the American Flag. Either being there in person, or seeing the videos of the crowds gathered in support, any American would feed nothing but love and patriotism.

Sadly, our media has been controlled for decades by only a few powerful entities with a clear agenda and most Americans are not willing to seek truth anymore. It really is as if most of the United States is living in the Matrix and is happy to do so, controlled by the interest of only 6 corporations. As long as more and more people realize the MSM has an agenda to slant, alter, and totally ignore the full truth, we are on the right path.

But, back to the People’s Convoy. I was embedded for a few days with Jeff Sandberg, a truck driver and fellow Texan as we left Adelanto California en route to Washington DC. Our plans were to be a big part of the movement and proudly display the sign Jeff had made for this worthy cause. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent not all of Americans support a movement with the ultimate goal of giving back the power to the people. The People support the movement, but the corporations and the powerful/rich who really run the country, along with those who are easily led, do not support anything which may begin a movement threatening their hold on power and the comfortable lives of the sheep at pasture.

Jeff Sandberg, Texas Trucker (L), M.A. Humphreys, HPB Media Director/Producer (R)

From its unveiling, the sign has been a major hit with the public. Dozens if not hundreds of supporters have taken a selfie with the sign. It has become a bit of a “Mecca” for the convoy as Jeff put it. We were intending to roll with the People’s Convoy all the way to DC with the sign. But, it was not meant to be.

Apparently, Penske is not a supporter of the movement and let it be known through Jeff’s employer Bennett trucking in several recorded phone calls. We have these exclusive phone conversations and will be releasing them along with a documentary film soon. In the meantime, we do not want to distract from the amazing and historic actions of thousands of truckers. But, let it be known #letsgopenske !


There is some good news though. Jeff is not someone willing to quit. After returning the truck to Penske, he hitched a ride and returned to Burkburnett Texas. There he re-outfitted the sign, loaded up in a truck and trailer provided by a supporter, and is now back in the People's Convoy!

You can follow him and the sign as he broadcasts live on TikTok - @trucker_j_freedomgange

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