Filmmaking and the Expanding Medellin Film Market

Updated: Feb 27

Like many other locations around the world, Medellin is a ripe market for filmmakers. Hollywood, California and New York City are still a mecca for filmmakers and hopefully always will be. However, the cost and craziness of those markets have encouraged filmmakers to explore other places like China, India, and Hungary just to name a few.

What I have discovered in Medellin is a love of filmmaking, eager crew and talent, and a cost basis which makes in a hotbed for filmmakers. The current Colombian president, Iván Duque Márquez would like to make Colombia the new silicon valley and expand also the film industry. He must not know Colombia is already known as a sort of "silicon valley," but most of it is implanted. A small joke. Relax.

As I update this post, the world and Colombia are facing the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and everything is on hold and unknown. I've returned to Florida to wait it out. However, there is reason to believe we will be able to resume some semblance of normal again and I have high hopes for the film market and industry in Medellin and the rest of Colombia. My intention is to expand my film production and photography companies, and build a studio in or near Medellin. To get in on the ground floor of this market could certainly be HUGE!

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